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Geek+ RoboShuttle™ Takes Shoal Group’s Customer Service to New Heights

Geek+ RoboShuttle

The cutting-edge Geek+ RoboShuttle™ system is currently being implemented at the new Shoal Group HQ premises in Butterfield Business Park, Luton, to revolutionize their picking operations. This robotic solution from global leaders Geek+ achieves high-density warehouse storage, high picking accuracy, and high-end operating efficiency.

Léonie Pannell, Commercial & Finance Director at Shoal Group commented:

The implementation of the Geek+ picking system at the new Shoal Group HQ is a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional customer service. Through the optimization of our warehouse space, we are able to enhance stock availability for our valued customers. Furthermore, the improved efficiency offered by this solution enables us to fulfil a higher volume of orders per day with exceptional precision. As we continue to fully integrate this system, we will be even better positioned to offer our customers an extended cut-off time for placing orders.”

Enhancing our customer experience through Smart Logistics

The system creates a fully flexible tote-to-person picking solution that is designed to meet the ever-growing demands of Shoal Group's customers. This investment in automation will enable Shoal Group to:

• Enhance warehouse space utilization, enabling us to offer greater stock availability to our customers. • Significantly increased picking throughout, coupled with a remarkable 99.99% accuracy rate. • The potential to offer customers a later cut-off time for placing orders.

The solution seamlessly integrates the strengths of two powerful robots: RS and P40. The RS robot impressively navigates through storage rows to efficiently gather totes, while the P40 robot transports these totes to a designated picking station, ensuring seamless operations.

RS Robot RS robot is an 8m tall high-density storage robot compatible with multi-size totes and cartons. It's ingenious double-deep functionality uses 40% less aisle space allowing for enhanced stock availability.

P40 Robot The P40 robot serves as a tote-carrying powerhouse, equipped with a sophisticated lifting module that adjusts totes to an ergonomic height that is optimal for operators. This design promotes an efficient and comfortable workflow, ultimately enhancing picking efficiency.

Providing a secure and efficient working environment for our dedicated logistics team

Our new 70,000 sqft warehouse has an impressive height of 11m, which is almost twice as tall as our current facility. Equipped with the cutting-edge Geek+ system, we are able to maximize the utilization of this vast space, guaranteeing a secure and efficient working environment for our dedicated operations team. They seamlessly integrate with the innovative tote-to-person system, enabling frictionless operations.

Shoal Group proudly leads the way in implementing cutting-edge warehouse operation technology. The Geek+ picking solution, a true game-changer, will undoubtedly become the cornerstone of our ongoing efforts to exceed customer expectations.

About Shoal Group

Shoal Group, encompassing Cablecraft, FS Cables, SWA and Birch Valley, offers customers access to over 50,000 cable management, identification, and termination solutions, and specialist cable products on a same day ship, next day delivery (UK mainland) basis, with first class customer service and technical support; own manufactured products and inventory solutions.

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