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Building Management & Smart Homes

Intelligent Cabling Solutions for Building Automation and Smart Homes.

Over the past decade, changes in the way businesses operate, shifts in social behaviour, and increased environmental responsibility, have meant the buildings around us require a robust management infrastructure. With the introduction of smart technology and automated Building Management Systems (BMS), homes, offices, factories, hospitals, schools, shops, restaurants, and hotels are becoming increasingly sophisticated, fluid and efficient spaces.

Whether constructing a new automated building or refurbishing an existing one, architects and designers, developers and contractors, service engineers, specifiers, and smart home integrators all over the world have relied on Shoal’s general and bespoke Building Management Cables and extensive range of accessory components to bring their buildings to life.


Our single-source, end-to-end service designs, supplies, installs and maintains precision cable networks that control, monitor and optimise core mechanical and electronic devices and functions. This includes power, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, entertainment, lighting, windows, access control, fire detection and prevention, security systems and the operation of electrical appliances.


From the simplest switch to the most complex components, our customers can be confident that as building automation evolves, Shoal group will work with them to create intelligent solutions that meet their needs and provide comprehensive product knowledge, expert technical advice, and unrivalled support, now and in the future.

  • Power and Distributed Control Systems

  • Industrial Automation Cables

  • Data Cables

  • Lighting Control Cables

  • Audio-Visual Cables

  • Voice, Data & LAN Cables

  • Alarm Systems, CCTV and Security Cables

  • Fibre Optic Cables

  • Cable Accessories

  • EV (Electric Vehicle)

  • Power & Data Cables

  • Cable Management Solutions

Smart Home Cabling That Thinks The Way You Do 


The average person carries out over 150 different tasks in their home every day, from switching lights on and off to adjusting the heating, opening the blinds to turning on the TV and playing music around the house to filling the bath, switching on the oven to locking doors and priming the security system. Through a smart home system, they can orchestrate around 9,000 essential and favourite systems and devices with the simple touch of a screen.


Shoal have a range of cables and accessories suitable for the most sophisticated and intuitive smart home solutions that puts people in control of their smart homes at all times. To continually monitor a home’s performance and optimise every and facility and utility to meet a homeowner’s exacting requirements and adapting as need and preferences evolve.


Identify, Connect, Secure & Protect 


Expertise Delivered Worldwide

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Cables when & where you need them


Sleeving & Marking Solutions


All the right connections!®

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