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Manufacturers for the Plastic Extrusion Industry


Birch Valley were acquired by Cablecraft in 2014, bringing with them over 40 years experience in the plastic extrusions industry. As well as being the only UK manufacturer of PVC non shrink and PVC and Polyolefin heat shrink sleeving, Birch Valley also produce a wide range of cable marking solutions, PTFE tubing, carrier strips, grommet strips and spiral binding - all of which are suitable for use in a wide range of sectors and manufactured to a variety of specifications.

40 Years of bespoke services.


As manufacturers, Birch Valley offer customers custom-made products to suit specific project requirements including cut-to-length, kitting services, bespoke colours, tailor-made materials, branded products, and packaging.


Birch Valley are proud to display the ‘Made In Britain’ mark which represents their commitment to British manufacturing and the quality and reliability of their product range.


Heat Shrink Sleeving

Heat Shrink Sleeving 


Polyolefin is a general, flexible heat shrink tubing which can be used for a wide range of applications, including insulation, mechanical protection and marking. PVC heat shrink is specially formulated to give maximum quality whilst retaining low cost. Rated at 105c, heat stabilized, it has a good flame retardancy and meets the general requirements of UL224.


PVC Sleeving

PVC Sleeving 


Used to insulate from abrasion and temperature damage. Self-extinguishing in 30 seconds and manufactured in a range of sizes and colours. U.L PVC Sleeving – U.L Approved 300v & 600v-A 105c rated flexible PVC approved to UL224. Passes the VW1 flame test and is rated by Underwriters Laboratories at 300v or 600v depending on the wall thickness.


LSF Sleeving

LSF Sleeving 


This limited fire hazard (LSFOH) sleeving is halogen free making it ideal for protecting wire and cables in areas where smoke and fume emissions must be minimised. PTFE sleeving benefits from a low coefficient friction and a high dielectric strength, excellent chemical resistance to most acids, alkalis and petroleum products. 

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Spiral Binding

Spiral Binding 


Spiral binding is manufactured from LDPE and offers a simple and fast method of binding and protecting cable looms whilst at the same time allowing breakouts. Flame retardant can be added if required.


Grommet Strip & Grommets

Grommet Strips & Grommets 


Grommet strip is a close-fitting profile that fits without the need for adhesive and provides effective edge protection against chaffing of cables through cut-out and holes. Standard grommet is manufactured from LDPE and we also offer a flame retardant grade.


Special Purpose Extrusions

Special Purpose Extrusions 


Bespoke tubing manufactured to non-standard sizes in both non-shrink and heat shrink sleeving and in a wide range of colours.


Easi-Lok Cable Markers

Easi-Lok Cable Markers 


Our range of slide on cable markers include PVC, halogen-free, z-type & k-type, which are available on reels, in boxes or kits.


K-Type Cable Markers

K-Type Cable Markers 


K-Type cable markers are used to identify wire bundles, cables, pipes and conduits using oval shaped, individual characters. These markers are ideal for post termination applications or where retrofit is anticipated.


Thema-Mark Cable Markers

Thema-Mark Cable Markers 


The Therma-Mark cable marking system produces durable, high quality halogen-free markers for both core and route marking. The marker cards are made from specially blended, halogen-free ABS plastic.

Learn more about Birch Valley 


Birch Valley use only quality raw materials and are well regarded for their reliable, high quality products. View and order the full Birch Valley range of products online, or get in touch with our support team at

T: 0800 0280 134



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