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Marine & Offshore

Robust and reliable cables for the marine and offshore industries

Cable solutions for shipping and the oil, petrochemical and gas (OPG) industries present a unique set of challenges. Supported by industry approvals such as DNV-GL and ABS we supply cables that can perform reliably and safely under the harshest of environments and the most demanding working conditions. For over 30 years, Shoal Group has supported the marine and offshore industries with a comprehensive and diverse range of application-specific cables and cabling services.


As a global supplier of marine and offshore cabling solutions, our portfolio of over 28,000 products can be found in a variety of environments. These include some of the largest international OPG projects in the world - offshore drilling platforms, floating production storage and offloading units, oil refineries and onshore operations such as processing plants and terminals. In the marine sector, our cables and accessories can be found throughout the major shipyards of the world – from tugs to super-yachts and cruise ships to oil tankers.


Our dynamic and flexible approach provides the most effective cable solutions, building long-term partnerships and delivering highly innovative products and services for subsea and land infrastructure.  In both sectors, we support customers from project concept and design to installation and maintenance.


Our marine and offshore cables can be exposed to the harshest environments, extreme meteorological conditions and the toughest of working conditions - immense mechanical and thermal stresses and a variety of natural corrosives, chemicals, oils and acids. Therefore, each of our cables conforms to the highest national and international maritime and offshore standards and regulations. They are designed to give our customers the greatest choice, flexibility and assurance.

  • Instrumentation Cable

  • Marine Power and Control Cable

  • Shipping Cable

  • Armoured and Unarmoured Power Cables

  • Zero-Halogen Cable

  • Motion Control Cable

  • High-Temperature Cable

  • Fire-Resistant Cable

Our specialists have a wealth of experience in providing technical support for complex gas, oil, petrochemical and marine products and applications and supporting our customers on the specific cable needs of marine and offshore applications. It’s their job to ensure that you have the exact cable or accessory at the precise time at any stage of the design, construction or refurbishment process.


From design to commission, installation to operation. We stay up-to-date with product advancement, obsolescence, changing legislation and compliance. When the needs and trends of the marine and offshore industries evolve, we adapt our products and services to ensure that our products and services remain at the forefront of cable supply to the marine and offshore sectors.


Identify, Connect, Secure & Protect 

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